Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Downloads to Speed Up Your Computer

Most people when they begin to experience a slow computer and it begins to freeze up on them; they turn to the internet and begin looking for free downloads to speed up computer. They do not want to pay a penny to clean up their computer; while it is true that you can possibly find some free software online that will enable you clean your computer; are they the best choice for you? This article is going to discuss whether or not these sites that promise a free cleaning for your computer should be the main choice for you to clean up your PC.

1. Money: Okay everyone wants to save money; especially in todays economy we all love the word free. Heck type in the word "free downloads to speed up computer" and you will see thousands of sites come up in the window on that term. Yes while it is true that you can find some free sites that may be able to clean up your computer; are you willing to take the risk to clean up your computer? You can expect most everything that you do online is a risk; because when you open up that next email you do not know what is inside; unless you know who sent it to you. So beware if you are trying to save money on the front end of cleaning up your PC. Most of the free sites should be taken seriously and all the fine print should be read before you download anything on your PC.

2. Registry: The registry as we all know is the backbone to your computer. It holds all the files and software that has ever been downloaded onto your computer. It is also the reason that your computer may be running slower than usual. The more files and applications that you have downloaded onto your computer; the slower system becomes. When you utilize a company online to clean up your computer; it cleans out the registry. So you can see that you are dealing with something as important as this. I personally would be afraid that some of the remnants from the registry cleaner could possibly be left in the PC. With the free sites you are expected to know what you are doing; most of the time you will not be given a step by step guide on how to use their service. So unless you feel like you can do it; I would not recommend free downloads to speed up computer.

3. Technical Support: Are you new to the whole concept of cleaning up your computer? Then pay a company for access to clean your system. If you are expecting someone to answer your questions when you choose a free site; you could be waiting forever. Most of those sites will not provide any kind of customer support.
The next time you are looking to clean up your system; stick with a reputable company that knows what they are doing and will be there if you have any questions. Do not deal with a free company that does not care about your computer or you.

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