Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Desktop Spyware - A Quick and Easy Guide on How to Remove and Prevent Desktop Spyware in Minutes

Desktop spyware can be one of the most annoying forms of spyware on the net. Spyware is a malicious program designed to infect your system, slow down your computer, and steal private information. This includes various passwords, account numbers, and credit card numbers. Any website you visit and all information you input on the web is susceptible to unauthorized spying. This information is either used or sold to other vendors putting both your computer and your privacy at risk. If you discover your desktop has been hijacked with spyware I recommend dealing with the problem immediately!

There are a couple of ways that spyware can attack your desktop.
1. Spyware can install itself on to your desktop with your authorization. Typically random programs will just show up on your desktop without you knowing about them. Do NOT click on desktop programs you cannot identify! If this happens I recommend quickly scanning your PC with a spyware removal program. You can find a link to a free scanning tool at the bottom.

2. Your computer is showing a blue screen with a message like "warning : spyware threat has been detected on your pc".
You have to be very careful when dealing with this warning message. First do NOT click any links that the warning message might provide. This is simple desktop spyware "bait", trying to get you to install some fake program. I recommend immediately scanning your PC with your spyware remover. If you do not have one you can try my recommendations below.

If the computer screen is locked and you cannot access anything, then you need to run your computer in "safe mode". This is done by rebooting the computer and tapping the F8 key. In safe mode you should be able to access your spyware scanner. Run a scan and delete the spyware files. If the blue screen persists then right click on the desktop and select "properties". From they're click "active desktop" and untick "show web content".

Desktop spyware is one of the more serious spyware threats facing the internet user. Not all spyware removal programs can prevent such attacks. If you are interested I have reviewed some of the best and most popular spyware removal tools which are uniquely equipped to effectively kill and PREVENT desktop spyware from ever infecting you again.

Want to squash those annoying pop up ads and get your PC running like new? Come get your free scan today!
Jim Marshall is an expert computer technician with fifteen years of experience in the industry. Since his own computer was destroyed by malicious software, he has been studying anti-spyware, adware, and malware systems for years.

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