Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stop Computer Freezing - How to Fix Your Computer From Freezing

Computer freezes can be one of the biggest pains Microsoft users face. They seem to happen randomly and force you to manually restart the computer. Many people ask me how to stop computer freezing. Before we get in to stopping it, we need to determine what exactly causes the computer freezing up.

The major and most frequent cause of computer freezes are errors in the windows registry. The registry is the area in your computer that contains information on how to run all hardware and software on your computer. If your CPU is a vehicle think of the registry as the engine.

When we first purchase our computer, the registry is clean and runs smoothly. But the more "miles" we put on it the more the registry needs a tune-up. When you install, update, or uninstall programs your registry becomes loaded with corrupted and redundant information. Much of this information becomes incompatible with your operating system and your computer freezes up or you may get a windows blue screen (aka the blue screen of death).

Bugs in your kernel files, broken file paths, corrupted DLL's, and missing links - These are all factors that causes computer freezing. To stop computer freezing you need to get to the source and clean up registry problems.

To do this manually requires an expert's touch. Some files need to be completely removed while others must simply be repaired. If you start removing the wrong files you can actually causes more damage than you started with.

This is why I recommend using the best registry cleaner software to fix computer freezing. I have personally used this software to fix corrupt registry issues with my computer and I have not had my computer freeze up once since. Give it a whirl and watch how quickly it can stop computer freezing.
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Do You Need to Conduct a Windows XP Registry Repair?

The Windows registry is one of the most complicated directories in your computer. It is also the lifeblood of your system. The settings and options of all hardware and software are stored there. And unfortunately as time passes the registry gets filled with information that is not needed and counteracts with other files. This is when a Windows XP registry repair process is needed. I will explain why you need to fix corrupt registry problems and how to go about doing it.

Anytime you install, modify, or uninstall an existing program your registry is effected. Think of it like a traffic stop. When there are too many vehicles coming and going the area becomes congested and things slow down. This is how it is with your registry. When it gets filled with too much stuff a couple things happen.

1. Your computer will slow down considerably.

2. Errors may occur when redundant and broken registry entries are still on your system.

When this happens it is best to clean computer registry problems right away. But I not recommend attempting to repair XP registry manually. The registry is a very fragile directory and unless you really know what you are doing there is a possibility you can do a lot of damage. The best course of action is to use a Windows XP registry cleaner.

The best Windows XP registry cleaners have the ability to remove all redundant information and fix corrupted files. They can also take a snapshot of your system and optimize areas that require assistance. The result is a super-fast computer which runs without the annoyance of Windows errors and blue screens. If you pay lots of money to buy a fast computer, why would you then fail to keep it running fast. The only person you are short changing is yourself. To conduct a Windows XP registry repair and get your computer running like new, follow the link below.

Want to turbocharge your computer speed? Looking to fix those pesky windows error messages? Get an easy fix and scan your computer for free with the best registry clean up software on the internet today.